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Women’s Bowling Strikes Post

Last updated on Oct 26, 2016

By Victoria Onorato
Contributing Writer

The new women’s bowling team will start its first season Sunday, Oct. 30, in Farmingdale, N.Y. The team of six girls is led by Coach Ed- ward Raven.

LIU Brooklyn has had a bowling team since 2008, and in March 2016, the athletics department announced that there would be a varsity women’s bowling team established on campus this semester. Raven, who is a nationally certified United States Bowling Congress coach and former 10-year member of the Professional Bowlers Association, created the team.

Photo courtesy of Stefania Cuomo
Photo courtesy of Edmund Raven

Many of the girls, including freshman Brielle Spillett, look up to Raven. “He’s a well-rounded individual and a great coach. He always knows which adjustments to make, and he will help you fix the little things he sees,” she said.

Spillett bowled at a competitive level from the seventh grade until her senior year of high school. One of her most memorable experiences bowling before Post was her ability to learn from her sister Kylie. “I got to bowl on the high school team with my sister for three years. I loved having Kylie next to me during every practice and match, and she taught me everything I know,” Spillett said.

With her average score at 195, Spillett’s goal for this season is to stay focused, bowl well and have fun. Being on the bowling team has helped Spillett make new friends who share her love for bowling. “I love being on the bowling team. The girls are extremely friendly and fun to be around,” she said.

Senior Stefania Cuomo, who is also on the new team, has been bowling since she could walk. Cuomo was part of the Valley Stream PAL Bowling League from age five. Cuomo is enthusiastic to bowl for the Green and Gold. “I’ve been saying since I started coming to Post in fall of 2013, that the only thing that can top off this great university and great college experience is if we had a bowling team, so for me, it’s a great feel- ing to be able to represent Post outside of the classroom,” Cuomo said.

Though Cuomo’s average score is 180, she is nervous about bowling at an NCAA level. She believes that competing at that level will be challenging and more intense than her previous experiences in high school and other leagues. “I think it’s important to just do my best, have fun with it and encourage my teammates,” Cuomo said.

The women on the team have practice two to three times a week, and also work out in the gym. Cuomo is enthusiastic about getting to know the other members of the team. “I’m excited to be able to work with them and share this experience together,” she said.

The season is about to begin, and fellow Pioneers can expect to see great performances and teamwork from the inaugural season of the women’s bowling team. The squad has yet to make season-long goals, but Cuomo said, “Coach reminds us to be consistent, have fun and try our best.”

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