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A Thousand Prayers for Thousand Oaks

By Josh Tolentino

Staff Writer

A vigil was held on Monday, Nov. 12 for the 12 victims of Nov. 8 mass shooting in a music bar in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

Candles were lit at the vigil service

The vigil was hosted by Father Nelson Ngoi, the reverend at the Interfaith Center. “It’s really emotionally heartbreaking when humanity is suffering from a tragedy like this; it touches every soul,” Ngoi said. There has been a rise in mass shootings, and the impact from this one affected families throughout the region.

Students and staff gave their condolences by lighting candles in the Gold Coast Cinema. “The hardest thing for us is to remind ourselves we don’t really under- stand what these people are going through,” Erica Ferrera, senior geology and environmental sustainability major and vice president of SGA, said. “It’s really hard to write thoughts and prayers in a card. There’s so much more that these people deserve.”

Shootings can cause people to be skeptical of their community, however, it is important to come together in times like this, according to Julia Pagano, a promise coach. “You have to keep living and keep enjoying your life,” she said.

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