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Acai Bowls Sold at Pratt

By Nicole Curcio
News Editor

On Friday, March 3 Time Out, the concession stand in the Pratt Recreation Center, began to sell acai bowls. The addition to the menu was made to bring a healthy momentum to the athletic center. Promise coaches James Economou and Cara Caporale spearheaded bringing new healthy options to Time Out, Hutton and Post and The Doll House as they are all student run businesses..

The desire for acai bowls send students off campus. Students spend approximately $15 – $30 per week. Junior dance major Katelyn Cotto visits Super Bowls in Syosset two to four times a week to enjoy her healthy treat. “[Having acai on campus] would save me time from travelling 15 minutes,” Cotto said.

Employees of Time Out had training for making acai bowls on Tuesday, Feb. 28 by freshman volleyball player Sarah Sahli. The California native has had experience creating the treat as it is been popular on the west coast. “We gave out samples to the yoga and pilates classes that Tuesday; honestly everyone loved them,” Economou said. “The other thing that they liked was the price point.” Locations closest to campus selling this product have prices starting at $9.50, not including tax or add ons. Time Out sells 16 oz. bowls for $7.50, which includes three toppings and protein if desired. Also new, Sixteen oz. protein shake cans are being sold, priced between $4 and $5. Erica Bergen, a junior arts management major, is not a frequent buyer of acai bowls but would “definitely get them here if they are good!”

According to Economou, a major asset of the healthy bowls and shakes is the protein used in each product has been approved for use by NCAA athletes. “[Athletes] will never have to worry about putting something ‘illegal’ in their body that may fail a drug test,” Economou said. Because Time Out is located in the athletic center, Economou and Caporale “really want to have a healthy foot forward.”

Another change to the campus food and beverage offerings on campus is the addition of Dunkin Donuts iced coffee bottles in Hutton and Post. Flavors include original, mocha, french vanilla, and espresso. Bergen, however, still thinks she will wait on the Starbucks line. “I just don’t like bottled coffee!” she said.

Bubble Tea is also “in the works,” according to Economou. “Acai bowls and Bubble Tea are fairly popular in the Queens/Metro area now, which is where a big population of our students come from. We want to give them something that they may have already been used to back home.”

Yet another dining change in the works is extended hours and a wider variety to the Doll House menu. Economou hopes to extend hours past midnight so students do not have to have food delivered to their dorms after Winnick closes. Students are not sure about the impact of new hours. “I think it would depend on what food [The Doll House] will have,” Bergen said. “I might still get Domino’s, but I’d be open to [buying food at the Doll House].” Plans are being made, but have not yet been finalized, to add more menu options, such as grilled cheese and frozen yogurt. “I think it would definitely prevent me from ordering unhealthy foods,” Cotto said. “This would be a better alternative to getting Domino’s, Chinese, or Abeetza.”

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