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Alex the Astronaut: Where Will She “Rock it” Next?

Karis Fuller
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Students often have to juggle many things at once such as unending essays and tests. However; a college student’s schedule may not be as strenuous as they think. During her time on campus, 2017 graduate Alex Lynn balanced dual undergraduate majors in physics and math and the forward position on the women’s soccer team in addition to a thriving music career. Some students knew her by her stage name, Alex the Astronaut. Universal Music publications scouted the Australian pop artist in her senior year. Most of her music videos include the lights and skylines of New York city, along with her former teammates and friends.

Courtesy of Gabrielle Clark
Alex performing at Lost Paradise, in Glen Valley, just north of Sydney.

Lynn’s former teammate, Gabrielle Clark, sophomore political science major, is astonished by how Lynn excelled in everything she took on. “By day, she was the quirky friend, teammate, genius everyone couldn’t get enough of, but by night she was the most relentless song writer,” Clark said.

Lynn moved back to her home in Sydney after graduating with a 3.94 GPA and a contract with Universal Studios, ready to invest all of her time into her music. “It’s weird moving home; it’s like moving to a new country,” Lynn said. The experience has been a drastic transition for Lynn, for reasons including leaving her pet dog, Martin, behind in the U.S. He now lives in Lynn’s New York home with her former teammate Tiffany Reyes.

The singer writes songs about her life experiences, and this refreshing honesty is what makes her successful as an artist, according to Caitlin Johnstone, junior health science major, and Lynn’s friend and fan from New Zealand. “She is true to who she is,” Johnstone said. “Her unique style is what draws you in, and it helps that she’s a great story-teller,” she said.

Lynn released her second extended play (EP), “See You Soon,” on Oct. 2, and she has since been touring in Australia and gaining popularity across the globe. She has a large fanbase in Germany and the United Kingdom, according to her.

Photo Courtesy of Gabrielle Clark
Behind the scenes of Alex’s music video “Already Home.”

Her latest single, “Not Worth Hiding,” had over 1 million listeners on Spotify and caught the attention of pop icon Sir Elton John who gave her a shoutout on his national radio show. The song describes Lynn’s experience coming out as gay and growing up knowing she wasn’t like the “other girls.” Clark spoke about how Lynn is an inspiration for many people. “She has become such a strong role model for people, especially in the gay community, as she demonstrates how to succeed at being your raw self,” Clark said. “She is not afraid to write about controversial or political topics and express a clear view.”

So what’s next for Alex the Astronaut? She is set to tour Australia through April with her friend and fellow singer Stella Donnelly. Lynn has yet to set dates to return to New York, but will travel to Brighton, England to perform her concert, “The Great Escape” on May 7.

Despite all the hustle and bustle of a musician’s life, Lynn loves what she does and is thankful for the opportunities she’s been lucky to have. “Music is great; I’m like a real adult now,” Lynn said. To stay up-to-date with Alex the Astronaut, follow her on Instagram @alex.the.astronaut or on Facebook at Alex The Astronaut.


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