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Alpha Epsilon Phi: Valentine’s Day Fundraiser

By Thomas Asbaty
Staff Writer

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner the sisters of Alpha Epsilon Phi thought it would be a perfect time to fundraise. The sorority set up two tables in Hillwood Commons from Tuesday, Feb. 7 through Monday, Feb. 13. to sell candy grams.

Photo by Jada Butler
Photo by Jada Butler

The candy grams allowed people to buy a card, write their valentine on it and attach it to a piece of candy. The sorority members would then give that candy to that person’s valentine.

The girls handed out these candy grams on Valentine’s Day in Hillwood to people they knew, and for the people they didn’t know they received their numbers and texted them. The sorority only took people who live on campus, but for people with a significant other they gave them the candy gram directly for them to gift themselves.

Courtney Cabo, a senior speech pathology major who was the sorority president last year, said, “with Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought it was a perfect time to fundraise; it is the first time we are doing this, but the first day was a great hit.”

With the two tables in Hillwood and a lot of foot traffic, senior pre pharmacy major Antonia Christodoulou said, “it was mostly Greek life that bought our candy grams even with a lot of people passing by.”

The sisters made $70 on the first day of the fundraiser. Cabo and Christodoulou said their end goal for the sorority is $200.

“The sorority does a lot of fundraisers throughout the year such as bake sales and chipotle fundraisers, but this one is nice because of the timing,” Cabo said.

The candy grams cost $3 , which included hand delivery. But AEPhi also had some fun next to the candy gram called Pie a Phi.For $1, you could smack a pie of whip cream in the face of the one of the sisters.

The Pie in the face was for AEPhi’s philanthropy, which is to raise money for breast cancer and spread awareness of breast cancer. All the money that they raised will go to Sharsheret, a non-profit breast cancer awareness center.

All of the sisters wore pink on Feb. 7 to spread knowledge of breast cancer. “We call in pink day,” Christodoulou said.

AEPhi President Meagan Byrne, a junior marketing major was unable to answer questions during the busy fundraising week.

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