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Alumni Takeover WCWP

By Andrew Servedio
Sports Editor

“It never gets old, its great to see everyone again,” said Jeff Kroll, who graduated in 1975. Every year for the past 40 years, alumni that graduated from the early 1960’s to May of 2016, have come back to WCWP to do live broadcasts for all of homecoming weekend.

Photo by Adela Ramos

There are around 3 dozen alumni that are on air throughout the course of the weekend. Of the original seven that started the tradition, they all live in six different states.

Jeff Kroll who not only participates in this weekend but is also a key player in the sports department throughout the year as well  explains that, “All the alumni that come back to do this broadcast have earned it.”

Alumni Joel Feltman, who graduated in 1974, explained, “suddenly it all comes back to you, there’s some sort of magic in the air when coming back to station every year.” Joel this weekends events travels from Florida away from his home to come just for this weekend because he enjoys doing it so much. Back when Joel was a student, there was only one studio in the radio station.

There was a barbeque on Saturday Oct. 14 after the victory of the Pioneers homecoming game when they beat Southern Connecticut State University 52-35. Students who are currently enrolled in classes were able to attend the barbeque as well as all of the alumni who were there to broadcast that weekend. Students past and present interacted with each other all weekend and newer students got to learn a few things from the alumni.

Photo by Adela Ramos

The broadcast was from noon on Friday Oct. 13, until Sunday, Oct. 15 at midnight. “[It] Turned out just the way we hoped, the station is a home to all the alumni and it was a lot of fun broadcasting with people we all call friends and family here at WCWP,” Jeff Kroll said, to mark the end of the broadcast for homecoming weekend.

*Editors Note: Andrew Servedio is part of the radio station at WCWP.

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