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Anne Marie Caradonna to Specialize in Brooklyn

By Anand Venigalla
Assistant Features Editor

Anne Marie Caradonna, who has been Post’s director of admissions operations and career employer relations since Oct. 1, 2014, has relocated to LIU Brooklyn as senior dean at university admissions starting Feb. 1.

Photo Courtesy of Anne Marie Caradonna
Anne Marie Caradonna, is now the senior dean at university admissions at LIU Brooklyn.

Caradonna has been a practicing attorney since she left law school in 1993; in addition, she has worked as an associate for a law firm and then started her own law practice on Aug. 1, 1997. According to William Martinov, chief of admissions and enrollment strategy, she has also been chief operating officer, senior vice president of business affairs, and general counsel for Enright Court Reporting and Enright Sten-Tel Transcription Services from 2007 to 2012. She has been with LIU Post since 2014.

“While working solely at the Post campus, I oversaw the operations of Admissions, engaged in data analysis, strategized, and worked to improve processes. I think that it’s been through the efforts of the entire Admissions team, along with all who work with Admissions—LIU Promise, academic affairs and the deans, IT, marketing, enrollment services, everyone—that we’ve seen positive results in the process that begins with finding prospective students who will be a good fit with LIU and working with them to have them apply, become admitted, and ultimately enroll in classes,” Caradonna said.

“She has university wide responsibilities,” Martinov said. “She’s going to do probably more at Brooklyn than here,” he added.

“I began spending a portion of my physical time in Brooklyn in September, and it has been wonderful, with additional opportunities to work more closely and collaborate with the many talented people who are at the Brooklyn campus,” Caradonna said.

Caradonna’s expertise, according to Martinov, will still be important for LIU Post. “Her expertise is going to expand what we’re doing at Brooklyn, and at the same time, she’ll be part of our admissions team across the university,” Martinov said.

Nothing much has changed, according to Martinov. “She worked since about three years ago in admissions, and there’s no quitting. She’s taking a leadership role and she’s going to keep doing what she’s doing while at Brooklyn,” he said.

“I will be emphasizing data analysis, strategy, and working with the Admissions team and others, making processes more efficient and effective,” Caradonna said.

Martinov emphasized the importance of Caradonna’s work for the admissions team. “Our job is to analyze, strategize and maximize the entire [admissions] team effort, so we have recruiters that are visiting high schools, guidance counsellors, etc., and Anne Marie does a fantastic job, helping those who need resources, communications, processing, and software. If we don’t analyze and strategize, we will never be as good as we will be,” Martinov said.

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