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Anti-Valentine’s Day Heart Banner

By Angelique D’Alessandro
Assistant Online Editor

Photo By Angelique D’Alessandro

Necessary Materials: 

Photo By Angelique D’Alessandro

Multi-colored construction paper Scissors
Hole puncher
Twine, string, or wire Pencil

For those who are single and still searching for a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, this quick and easy do-it-yourself heart decor is the perfect touch for any dorm room. First, take multiple pieces of construction paper and sketch or trace a heart onto them. Cut the hearts out, ensuring each is similar in size to the rest. For faster crafting, stack about three pages, fold them in half, trace half a heart shape onto the top page, and cut along the line. Unfold to reveal several symmetrical hearts.

Photo by Angelique D’Alessandro

With a pencil, lightly write any saying or word desired on the hearts, such as “single 4 eva,” “cupid is stupid,” or “nope.” Trace these words using a marker. Depending on the color of paper, different colors can be used to outline the phrases. Next, punch two holes into each heart in the top corners. String twine through the holes, and then use tape to hang on a wall, or tie the string around a bed frame.

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