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Athlete of the Week: Jalyn Brown

By Thomas Scavetta
Sports Editor

Jalyn Brown, a senior physical education major from Riverhead, N.Y., is the starting point guard for the women’s basketball team. In her senior season, Brown served as a vocal leader both on and off the court and played some key, significant minutes in last year’s East Coast Conference Tournament.

Senior point guard Jalyn Brown. Photo: Thomas Scavetta
Senior point guard Jalyn Brown.
Photo: Thomas Scavetta

Q: How do you feel about your collegiate career coming to a close?

A: Four years goes by quick in college and I enjoyed it, but it’s kind of sad that my time is winding down.

Q: Can you describe your experience as a player here and what influenced your decision to come to LIU Post?

A: I liked the program and just fell in love with the school and the campus. Plus, I’m only an hour away from home. I really fit well in Coach Moore’s program and it’s just been an amazing four years here with her. This place feels like home and if I come back here it would just feel great because I’m a Pioneer.

Q: Is there anything you would have done differently both on or off the court?

A: I was really nervous my freshman year coming in here. I was scared to meet new people and was worried about how I would do in my first year and I wish I would’ve worked harder. My game has progressed each year, so I wish I would’ve focused on that more in my freshman year than sophomore year. Academically, I changed my major from health sciences to physical education. I wish I would’ve stuck with health sciences because now I have to stay an extra semester, but it’s not a problem because of how much I like this campus.

Q: Do you have any plans on what you would like to do here next semester?

A: If Coach Moore needs me to help out with practice, I would be more than happy to assist her with that.

Q: How do you think your season went as a team?

A: We had ten new players coming in and only five returners, which was our senior class. When you have a young and new group of girls playing together it’s difficult, but we didn’t break down because we stayed together. Unfortunately, this is the first year in my four years here that we didn’t make the playoffs, but next year with new recruiting and a core group of players returning they should have a better season than we had this year.

Q: Do you have any advice for any younger basketball players who are on the rise?

A: Just play every game like it’s your last because these four years go by quick. You need to just enjoy the experience; meet new people, do new things, and it’s a whole new lifestyle when you’re living by yourself and preparing for the future.

Q: How has Coach Moore and her staff helped prepare you for your future after graduation?

A: I feel like I’m the most yelled at on the team, but she’s given me so much advice. I know if I need her in the future she’s just a text or phone call away. I’m always going to have a love for the game, but I really want to focus on my career and be a physical therapist or a basketball trainer. I want teach young kids and tell them what I’ve went through and my history of injuries.

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