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Athlete of the Week: Sasha Patterson

By Karis Fuller
Staff Writer

After a storming performance with 19 points against Queens College on Feb. 10, Women’s Basketball Captain Sasha Patterson, a senior political science major, is the athlete of the week. 

Patterson knew she had a responsibility to perform for the team in the game against Queens College. “We needed a push, so being the person that gave that push was really amazing,” Patterson said, adding “everyone was counting on me, and I didn’t let them down”.

Although she is not a superstitious athlete, Patterson knows from her first touch of the ball that she’s on form. “Usually as soon as I tip off, and it’s a good tip, I’m ready,” Patterson said.

In terms of facing adversity, Patterson acknowledges that she is her own worst enemy. “At times, I beat myself up; I am my biggest critic,” Patterson said. Above all she says her teammates are the thing that drive her to do her best. “If I’m tired, they make me want to do another transition, that makes me want to score, that makes me want to be there to let them know I have got their backs,” she said. “They push me to want to do better, when I see them cheering and telling me ‘we need you’, that makes me want to do better.”

Women’s Basketball Head Coach Deirdre Moore attributes the hard work of Patterson and her teammates during the off season to their success this season. “She [Sasha] put in work during the off season and is seeing that pay off for her,” Moore said. “Her production is the direct result of team play,” she added.

What does the rest of the season have left for Patterson? She and her team look to close out the regular season in style. “We definitely have a space in playoffs; we are just trying to finish out strong,” Patterson said. Patterson has personal goals as well. “My personal goal is to reach my 1000 points and 1000 rebounds,” Patterson said. “I only need around 260 more rebounds and about 80 more points.” She has another year of eligibility to exceed these goals, before she goes on to her academic goal of attending law school. “I’ve wanted to be a criminal lawyer since I was six years old,” Patterson said, but she has not ruled out playing basketball after college. “I really don’t know, my friends and family members want me to, but it’s an ‘up in the air’ question for me!”

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