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Austria’s UN Ambassador to Present Lecture

By Alec Matuszak
Arts and Entertainment Editor

Martin Sajdik, the ambassador and permanent representative of Austria to the United nations in New York will speak to students and faculty on Tuesday, April 18 at in the Hillwood Cinema. Ambassador Sajdik visited the campus earlier this year to meet with Dean Robert Valli and the Executive Director of Grants, Internationalization, and Sponsored Programs, Dr. Al Posamentier. Posamentier then introduced Sajdik to Kay Sato, director of The Hutton House Lectures. “Upon our meeting, the ambassador immediately agreed to return and present a lecture [at the university] in the spring,” Sato said.

The ambassador was “originally selected by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe to engage Vladimir Putin and Ukraine’s president Petro Poroshenko in a conflict-solving dialogue,” Sato said. The ambassador will “speak to us about that experience and where the solution process stands today [in addition to] what impact the newly elected U.S. administration might have in ending the bloodshed,” Sato said.

Audience members will be able to ask the ambassador questions after his presentation.Light refreshments will be available for audience members throughout the lecture.

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