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Bayside Brewery

By Thomas Scavetta
Assistant Sports Editor

Three years ago, while working nights, senior Accounting major, Anthony LoSardo came up with the idea, Bayside Brewery. Bayside Brewery’s philosophy is to start big and think even bigger. Their long-term goal is to launch New York’s largest craft beer opening. He mentioned how inventing his own strategies and recipes have contributed to developing this business.

Saffraz Bacchus, a sophomore Genetics major, at the Bayside Brewery office located in the library. Bayside Brewey/
Saffraz Bacchus, a sophomore Genetics major, at the Bayside Brewery office located in the library.
Bayside Brewey/

Now, LoSardo’s student-run organization is beginning to blossom here at Post after being established in 2013. “Bayside Brewery is a business that will help us build financial success and make higher quality beer. Our market segment is called, ‘Better Beer’ because we are striving to develop a more quality beer with no forced carbonation, no GMO’s and no white cane sugar to speed up production,” said LoSardo.

The Brewery teamed up with the Biology department to help increase yeast fermentation. Bayside Brewery has united different departments of the school to help create and develop this business.

LoSardo pitched the idea of combining departments, which will serve as good real world experience for students. “We are working with the biology, dance, and film/audio departments so far. Our door is always open and we want ideas from everyone,” said LoSardo. Since most of this is derived from volunteer work along with no pay, students can gain experience and long-term growth in their specific industry.

Senior Management major Oscar Sekkelsten serves as the company’s director of public relations. He works on social media and on developing marketing strategies. “We want to help people grow personally by thinking and acting like an entrepreneur,” Sekkelsten said.

“Building integrity for the student body here at Post is very important.” In addition to running the Brewery’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, Sekkelsten also plans event coordinating and does a lot of networking with junior Marketing major Jason Rubenfield.

Rubenfield’s role is networking and he serves as the Marketing Director. “I’m from Massachusetts and ‘foreign’ from New York, but I’m good with social aspects, which is huge in marketing, especially in New York,” he said.

Members of the Bayside Brewery chatting at their office in the lower level of the Library. Photo: Thomas Scavetta
Members of the Bayside Brewery chatting at their office in the lower level of the Library.
Photo: Thomas Scavetta

Rubenfield added four things that are going to help Bayside Brewery reach its potential. “We have a dynamic and motivated team and a staple unique product, which will help our business. In addition to that, our identifiable brand can be used in other states and our innovative technologies and inter-department sharing will help us grow and expand at an exponential rate,” Rubenfield added.

Now that the brand is receiving recognition, involved in social networking, establishing connections and relationships with others, Bayside Brewery looks to continue to build and grow moving forward. Senior Finance major Nick Butera is the director of finance for the Brewery. Butera is the President of the Finance club here at Post and oversees the student run businesses. “My role is preparing the financial investment scenarios and developing financial valuations,” he said.

Another one of the connections Bayside Brewery has already made is with the film department. Andrew Morales, a senior Film major, got involved with this business through Rubenfield. Morales works with fellow senior Film major Ryan DiBiase, for Shutter Sound Pictures Company, which is another student-run business. Morales will be creating a kick-starter video and photo content for the Brewery. “I look forward to getting involved with Bayside Brewery and helping them succeed,” said Morales.

Some students shared their opinions about Bayside Brewery and how it can affect the student body. “I think it can serve as an inspiration to students that want to start their own company,” said senior Accounting major Greg Mannix.

“Bayside Brewery proves that students from LIU have the ability to start their own business and have the help of the school faculty and students while doing so,” Mannix added. Another student also shared similar thoughts. “I think this business will show students that you should pursue your ideas no matter what stands in your way or the obstacles you may face,” said undeclared sophomore, James Montefusco.

Although these students have only been part of Bayside Brewery for a little over a month, they are extremely excited about the direction the Brewery is headed toward. Bayside Brewery has support from the deans on campus and they are a very dedicated and hard-working group of students. LoSardo and his colleagues now look to strengthen their business and gather more resources. LoSardo concluded, “We have the right group of students with strong work ethics and we have the motivation to do really well.”

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