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Black Student Union and The Runway Join Forces To Aid Puerto Rico

By Quedus Babalola
Staff Writer

Hurricane season took many by surprise this year when Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria hit. Islands like Puerto Rico and Barbuda fell victim to this year’s hurricanes. The hurricanes touched parts of the Caribbean, North America, and even Cuba. Red Cross, Unicef, Tidal, and many other relief groups have come together to raise money and gather food and supplies that will be sent to the countries and islands affected by the natural disaster. While it was hurricane season for some places, Mexico city, California and other places were being affected by earthquakes. The Black Student Union and Runway are coming together to throw a Halloween Social on Oct. 27 to raise money for the hurricane victims.

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Rameau

“I chose to collaborate with the Runway club because they have expressed mutual feelings when it came to raising aid for the victims. We chose to raise money for Puerto Rico because it was the most recent event that happened and many of our members across both clubs have family that were affected by the earthquake,” Motun Olusa, president of the BSU club said.

Jay-Z used his platform, Tidal, to get music lovers and many who were concerned to come out and donate supplies, food and anything they believed would be useful. First he hosted a free Vic Mensa concert which in order for you to attend you had to bring either school supplies, toiletries, diapers, and other supplies that they knew would be of use to those in Puerto Rico.

“I’m a huge fan of Vic Mensa so when I heard he was having a concert, I immediately became ecstatic but to find out it was free and that he would be helping my homeland, Puerto Rico just made things ten times better. I donated nonperishable foods, some school supplies and some clothes I no longer need,” Kenan Browder, a sophomore art major said. Tidal also sent a private plane over to Puerto Rico with supplies and aid on Oct. 5.

“We’re hoping for a great turnout, all are welcome, donations of food and clothes will be accepted. Tickets will be sold and a portion of the proceeds will go towards hurricane relief efforts for Puerto Rico,” Keolani Williams, president of the Runway said. The event will take place on Oct. 27th, from 7p.m. till midnight. Tickets will be sold as follows, one for five dollars and two for seven dollars.


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