Bowling Team Enters Third Year

Bowling Team Enters Third Year


By Ashley Bowden


The bowling team has only existed for three years, according to team captain Patricia Kelly. She and her teammates are proud to have helped build their team by doing what they love.

The bowling team enters their third year

After a season full of ups and downs, Kelly, a sophomore business administration major, was proud to have performed well at the Wildcat Invitational tournament in Wilmington, Del. from Nov. 30 to Dec. 2. “We finished after the first two days seated sixth, and we fought the last day to receive third place and get a trophy,” Kelly said. During that tournament, the team beat three teams from Wilmington University, Molloy College and Adelphi University.

This tournament has overall been the team’s proudest moment during their current season.

“Adelphi is nationally-ranked, and we worked hard as a team and we beat them,” Francesca Rossi, freshman forensic science major, said. It was her first time accomplishing a feat like that on a team.

“I’m proud of the team really coming together through every tournament,” Emily Cavanaugh, freshman nursing major, said. “Whether we start at the bottom, we always pull it off the last day to place in tournaments.” Her personal best score is 279.

Nicole Lettich, freshman nursing major, is proud to be a part of a team that cheers each other on. “We notice that all the better teams are very involved with each other and they cheer, and I feel like we’ve improved that this season,” she said.

Patricia Kelly, team captain

Their team’s scores in competition have improved overall. “When we cheer together as a team, our momentum is higher and we perform better,” Lettich said.

“A lot of these athletes are dedicated, and they’re looking to get better no matter what,” Cavanaugh said.

Kelly is glad to have developed a close relationship with her teammates.“I always have a family and girls I know I can trust and depend on if I need anybody,” she said. “It affects gameplay because we know we have each other’s back.” Kelly’s personal best score is 289.

“I knew a lot of girls on the team, so I knew coming in that I’d have a lot more friends,” Lettich said about joining the Pioneers.

“I like the team atmosphere and we all get along very well, we have a lot of laughs,” Rossi said. “They push me to do the best I could do, and I do the same for them.” Rossi’s personal best score is 280.

Lettich anticipates placing higher in tournaments and winning titles in addition to second place at the Kutztown Duals tournament in Whitehall, Pa. and fourth place at the Red Flash Invitational in Altoona, Pa. Her personal best is 289.

The team members hope to improve their performance moving forward this season and win first in tournaments.

“I’m looking forward to combining with LIU Brooklyn.” Cavanaugh said. “We will have a bigger team, but I know we’ll each work hard to become part of that starting five.”

“Me and all of my teammates are looking forward to the ECC championships since this is our last year as LIU Post before the merge,” Kelly said. “We definitely want to make it a big one.”


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