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Brookville Hall renovations

By Christi Wang

Contributing Writer

Recent renovations have been completed on Brookville Hall, one of the resident buildings located on the east side of campus.

Built circa 1970, Brookville Hall is relatively new compared to the rest of LIU Post’s campus, with most buildings constructed around the time of Post’s founding in 1954.

Photo by Christi Wang

Despite being newer than other buildings, according to Beth Funfgeld, the service response coordinator for the Department of Facilities Services, the building isn’t perfect. Brookville had a common set of issues that were reported by students to the Department of Facilities Services, including clogged drains, dying door lock batteries, and tripped fuses.

Funfgeld, who receives every concern about the residence halls, has never had a general com- plaint about the quality of life in Brookville Hall.”The building as a whole — that’s in good shape,” Funfgeld said.

Though incoming resident hall students will experience improvements to their dorms this fall semester.

“Renovations were made to do what’s best for future and present Pioneers,” Matthew Blanar, associate director of campus life, said. “Our updates in the hall are really just to make sure we’re providing for our students and giving them the amenities they need here.”

As soon as Brookville residents moved out after the spring semester, the Department of Facilities Services got to work.

The tile floors on the first level of the building were replaced with polished hardwood floors, an extra lounge was created in place of an old office and has been furnished with new couches and a flat screen TV, the resident assistance office was put in a more accessible area, and more vending machines are slowly being added.

As Blanar puts it, these recent renovations help “bring students together to kind of create that community within the resident hall that [staff members] always strive to build. Everything will be set, ready to go for when they come in the fall.”

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