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Brown Hall Under Renovation

By Thomas Asbaty
Staff Writer

The Bush Brown Hall, at University Center on Northern Blvd. next to the NYIT entrance is being redone and upgraded. LIU is looking to upgrade the space and the lack of technology in this historic building. The assistant director of facilities William Kirker said, “The initial phase of the project is progressing as expected and has been paid for through a grant.”

Photo by Caroline Ryan
Photo by Caroline Ryan

The new Bush Brown Hall will house the T. Denny Sanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute, which LIU hopes to become a key recourse and outlet for the students. In addition to the new technology and space being done, Kirker said new programs are coming which are designed to nurture innovation and creativity.

When completed LIU sees Bush Brown Hall to be a source of regional civic organizations and a place where start up business looking for advice can find LIU expertise in business development, and engagement and growth, Kirker said.

The President of both LIU Post and Brooklyn Kimberly R. Cline refused to answer any questions about the renovations.

William Kirker didn’t answer, for when the project on the Bush Brown Hall will be completed and ready to move into.


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