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Browse to Host Smash Brothers Tournament

By Christian Klimaszewski

Staff Writer

Gamers, get ready, as Browse, the technology store in Hillwood Commons, will host its gaming competition Thursday, March 27, in the End Zone at 6 p.m. The semesterly competition is open to anyone interested and a new game is featured every tournament.

Browse is on the second floor of Hillwood Commons

Participants will compete in the popular “Super Smash Bros Ultimate” on the Nintendo Switch. “We wanted to use Super Smash Bros as our fall semester gaming competition, but the game didn’t come out until the end of the semester, so we’re capitalizing now,” Albert Donor (’18), Browse’s lead associate, said.

During the fall 2018 semester, the tournament featured games in the FIFA series to compliment the excitement surrounding the World Cup. On Feb. 28, WCWP radio station held a Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament, at which about 20 students played. “Seeing how good of a turnout the radio station had, I expect to have somewhere around the same amount of people show up, if not more,” Donor said.

Jason Glickman, a sophomore broadcasting major, signed up for the competition. “I participated in the Super Smash tournament at the radio station and got destroyed by the competition,” he said. “I’ve been practicing in preparation for this tournament, so I don’t get embarrassed this time and so I could hopefully win,” he added. Glickman chose to keep the character he plans to play as a secret.

The gaming competition will take place in the End Zone

The gaming competition is free for students who wish to sign up. “We decided to make this gaming competition free because we figured we could get more people to come out and just a enjoy playing the video game and just have and overall fun time,” Donor said. Students can sign up on the second floor of Hillwood in Browse between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.

The grand prize for the first place winner will be Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones. The second place winner will get a Roccat Lua mouse and a $100 gift card to GameStop. The third place winner will receive a Nintendo Switch starter kit.

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