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Budget cuts threaten the future of the Pioneer Newspaper

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Danielle Sposato and I recently graduated in May 2016 from Long Island University Post. My reason for reaching out to you today is due to the recent budget cut that The Pioneer received this year. On behalf of myself and fellow Pioneer staff, I ask that you please protest this unjust decision.

As the former Head Copy Editor (2015-16), I am completely dumbfounded by this drastic budget cut. A cut, nonetheless, that will not only impact every single hardworking and devoted member of The Pioneer staff but will change the future of The Pioneer as we know it. Having spent my entire college career dedicating long hours to this paper, this decision not only infuriates me, but it makes me question everything and everyone involved.

As a student, The Pioneer helped to enhance my career as an English major. I’ve been fortunate enough to land an internship with SheKnows Media, a large publication in New York City, as well as a job offer upon graduation—the more recent being my current full-time position as Editorial/Production Coordinator at ABI Research.

Writing for the paper has shaped me into the polished writer and editor that I am today, and it taught me the basic fundamentals of journalism, editing, and leadership. Therefore, with this irrational limitation that this budget cut will create, students will not be given the same opportunities that former newspaper staff and I were so graciously offered.

The Pioneer is the experience that many future journalists, writers, and editors need for their careers. Without it, life after college will come with more obstacles than necessary. Students need The Pioneer for experience, and without experience, students will not be given internship and job opportunities that they have worked so hard for while attending Post. Unfortunately, this budget cut comes as no surprise. While working for The Pioneer, our entire staff has encountered several roadblocks, such as Post faculty and staff refusing or ignoring interview requests from Pioneer reporters.

Now, that roadblock (among several others) has evolved into a monumental issue, due to the fact that there is now an official gag order on all Post administration and faculty members. This gag order is absolutely deplorable. How can this “respected” university host such a prestigious award ceremony, such as the Polk Awards, and yet, censor its own institution? It makes a mockery of the entire award ceremony, and it is simply unacceptable.

To me, it is clear that something is wrong, and has been for well over a year. This budget cut ultimately solidifies every effort President Cline has made to stop The Pioneer from functioning and prospering the way other university papers do. All that I ask is that you please consider Post students who need to be informed, The Pioneer staff who are trying to pave the way for their futures, and The Pioneer itself.

The Pioneer has a beautiful history, having existed for so many years. Please do not let this decision ruin the future of the paper. Without a reasonable budget, it is my greatest fear that this paper will become obsolete, and we cannot sit by and let this happen.

Please help us take action by protesting this budget cut.

Danielle Sposato

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