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Capable of Happiness: Don’t Hesitate to Ask

By Gillian Pietrowski
Staff Writer

When it comes to asking for help, many of us hesitate. We think being able to achieve something alone gives us validation. We think needing or asking for help makes us look weak. No matter what your problem is, it can never hurt to reach out to someone.

Photo by Gillian Pietrowski Broadcasting majors, Matt Weinstein and Luis Viloria.

We tend to assume that when we ask people for help, they will judge us for not being able to handle something on our own. Yes, there are people out there who might judge us for asking for a hand, but often that is only because those people are too afraid to ask for help themselves. Asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of. Don’t let the opinions of others prevent you from getting the help you need. It might shock you that people you go to for help enjoy giving advice and want you to succeed.

LIU Post has many outlets for us to ask for help. Students have success coaches, advisors, professors, and especially classmates. Seek them out for help. Many of them will even be honored that you asked. Surround yourself with good people and asking for help will become something you are no longer afraid to do.

Looking for help from other students in your major can also be extremely useful. As for these two broadcasting majors, Matt Weinstein Sophomore and Luis Viloria sophomore being in the same major helps them when they can work together on assignments and projects. Working together helps them get a better understanding for what they need to do.

Think about these suggestions. Would you rather suffer in silence than ask for help? Find someone you trust, or who seems knowledgeable and compassionate, and ask him or her for help. The outcome will likely surprise you.

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