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Capable of Happiness: Finding your way through College

By Gillian Pietrowski
Staff Writer

Feeling lost and not knowing which direction you feel your life in going in is more common among students than you might think. We are sent here to determine what our futures will be like once we graduate. This can cause a huge panic within ourselves because the pressure to figure how we want to spend the rest of our lives ultimately starts now.

What do you want to major in? What jobs will pay you well so you can live comfortably? What fields of work are hiring? Do you want a job that you are passionate about? Or do you want a job that is well-respected job?

These are just a few questions that run through our minds. We can’t seem to stop them. Classes alone can be stressful and overwhelming without thinking about our futures. But maybe, if we step back and take a good look for what you are passionate about you can figure out how to take the pressure off.

The best advice is to try as many classes as you think you might be interested in. It doesn’t hurt to take time find a class you love. Disregard what people might say the best path is for you to follow is. You are the one who determines your own path; don’t change your interest just because people have different opinions about what you should do.

Here are a few examples of how your major now doesn’t always determine your future. Comedian Steve Martin attended California State University, Long Beach as a Philosophy major and ended up a world famous comic. Actor Julie Bowen went to Brown University and majored in Renaissance studies, although her passion for acting was what she followed. Famous author J.K. Rowling known for her famous series Harry Potter, once went to school and majored in French along with being in a horrible mental state she fought and followed her passion for writing.

Find something you are passionate about, something that you love doing and find a way to make that into a career. Doing something that you love will make your college experience so much more enjoyable rather than spending your time here miserable because you chose to take the path that others wanted you to. Your time in college is apart of your journey through life and it is a huge part of what direction you will follow in the future, but it is not an issue to stress over as long as you follow your passions and stay motivated.

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