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Capable of Happiness: Meditation and Positive

By Gillian Pietrowski
Staff Writer

We react in many different ways during an emergency. It is almost as if a different side of you comes out to handle the situation; you never know how you are going to react until you are in that moment. Many people go into a state of nervousness and freeze up, while others take control and do what has to be done to survive.

Ram Singal, a survivor of September 11, 2001, spoke on campus in the Tilles Patron Lounge on Oct. 12. His talk was sponsored by the Coalition for Conservation and Be the Change club.

Singal has spoken around the world about the important message of taking care of your mind and spreading positive thoughts.

On Sept. 11, when Singal was in the first tower that was hit, a state of calm washed over him and his only goal was to save others. As the panic and chaos around him became so real, he started to wonder why he had not feared anything. He connected his calmness to the fact that he had been practicing meditation for 27 years.

By focusing on yourself and treating your body right, you can control how you handle difficult situations. Singal said during a speech in 2008, “Everyone else speaks of 9/11 as an experience of horror. I saw it as a tale of faith, of conviction, of doing well in life.” Singal uses his experience as a way to enlighten others and show them that you can take a traumatic experience and still find the positive in your life.

Controlling your actions when your feelings become so powerful can help a lot. It takes time and practice, but the outcome can be incredible. For Singal, practicing meditation for so many years helped him in a horrifying situation. Instead of feeling terrified or helpless, he took action and stayed calm.

Focusing on mental health and feeding your mind positive thoughts can have a huge impact on your day-to- day life. If you would like to take up meditation there are classes being held every Monday since October 2nd from 1-1:40 pm in room TF 101 in the Theatre, Dance and Arts Management building here on campus. There is no registration you can just show up.

Having these small meetings to clear your mind and control your thoughts can have a huge impact on you life. Go out of your comfort zone and give it a shot!

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