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Capable of Happiness: Myths

By Gillian Pietrowski

Columns Editor

Over the past year since I started this column, I have received a generous amount of compliments on my writing. It seems to be making people happy and that is exactly my goal. A common thing people have been saying to me is, “I love how positive you always are, how do you do it,” and that is where I need to be honest.

I do not believe for a second that it is possible for someone to be positive 24/7, including myself. To try and have a smile on your face or always expect the outcome in life to be positive is quite unrealistic.

There are going to be many times throughout your life when you go through things that make you feel the complete opposite of positive, but I welcome those days. That is how you form the truest version of yourself.

Getting to really know yourself involves real soul searching, which is usually brought on by the conflicts that we face. How you, as an individual, handle those tough conflicts shows a lot about who you are. There is so much chaos in the world, which is why I choose to be happy rather than dwell in it.

When you find something you are passionate about, hold onto it. When you meet someone who makes you feel like the only person in the room, hold onto them. Having these things in your life will help you remember the good when nothing seems right.

Forcing yourself to always be happy will most likely create greater unhappiness within yourself. It is okay to not be okay, everyone goes through it. When you become unhappy, ride it like a wave. Don’t ignore it or bury it within. Acknowledge it, learn from it, and grow.

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