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Capable of Happiness: Surround yourself with love

By Gillian Pietrowski
Staff Writer

When you are trying to live a happy and healthy life, it can be difficult if those surrounding you constantly put you down. Realizing that certain people are not good for you can take awhile, but when you come to this realization, it may become necessary to step back and befriend others who bring positive light into your life rather than a negative presence.

For some people, it can be easy to just simply cut someone out of their lives, but for others it can be a struggle. Many factors about their relationship come into play. This person may have been in their life for many years or if may be a family member. Putting up boundaries with the toxic person can be a start. You can start by not allowing yourself to hang out with him or her as much as you might usually do. You can contact them less and distancing yourself from them.

By Gillian Pietrowski
Ashley Melendez, junior early childhood education
major and Sarah Meehan, senior early childhood education major.

While removing them from your life, do not be scared to not be nice about it. Toxic people can be manipulative and try to persuade you into giving them another chance. In reality, people like this do not often change so do not continue to give them chances if they are not showing any attempt to change. The scene from the movie “She’s The Man” when Amanda Bynes breaks up with her ex-boyfriend because he puts her down for wanting to try out of the men’s soccer team and has repeatedly belittled her infront of many people. She handled the situation like a pro and removed him from her life right then and there.

Ending relations with anyone close can be hard, whether it was a healthy one or not. Remind yourself that keeping the toxic people close to you will never allow you to be truly happy and that is the goal. In the long run, it is for the best to surround yourself with positive people. By joining different clubs on campus that you are passionate about, you can find people with similar interests. You can also reach out to people within your major, considering you already have common interests.

You want people in your life that will support you and guide you. If you are having trouble in your life, you want to be able to talk to friends about it without worrying that they will guide you in the wrong direction or shame you for feeling a certain way.

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