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Capable of Happiness: The Unknown

By Gillian Pietrowski

Columns Editor

“We know what we are, but know not what we may be,” William Shakespeare.

It is easy for some to tell you who they are in this exact moment but ask them who they are going to be and you will receive a very unsure answer.

The journey of life can bring you to places you never thought were possible. Which is why it is important to know that you have the potential to become something more regardless of the uncertainty.

This is extremely common among college students. When you ask what they are planning to do after school their response will be that they have no idea. Everyone can have an idea of what they would like to do but the reality of it is that anything can happen in your life that pushes you down a path you never knew was an option. Allowing yourself the freedom of potential growth within yourself can welcome opportunities.

It is normal to have a theory for who you might become but that is all it is, a concept. Theory, concept and ideas are all things that are not definite. These give us the ability to change and prevent us from guiding ourselves down such strict paths.

Having these theories for where you will end up or who you will become in the future is routine but as long as you remind yourself that none of this is definite. Life events will take place that can change everything about the way you have been “doing” life. As simple as this saying may seem, go with the flow.

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