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Capable of Happiness: Why I Started this Column

By Gillian Pietrowski
Assistant Features Editor

Creating this column has been a real eye opener for me. It has allowed me to put two of my favorite things together, writing and helping others. I never thought to put two and two together until this column.

Photo by Gillian Pietrowski
Gillian and her mother

The purpose of this column is to teach others that no matter what you are feeling or what situation you are stuck in, that you are not alone and that there are ways to get your life on track and be happy. Being happy with where your life is going and what you are doing in your day-to-day life is a huge thing for me. When I write a piece for my column, I truly believe that if people applied it to their life it would make a difference little by little.

Most people believe that whatever life they are born into is what they have to keep or that they have to prove to others their worth. Being happy with who you are and working hard on something you are passionate about is what truly leads to a happy life.

When my mom suddenly passed away when I was 14, it was a huge change in my life. After being upset, for a while I realized life is way too short to be nothing but happy and that you are in control of what you do with your life; so why not go after something you are passionate about and move out of your comfort zone.

If finding happiness throughout your life is something you want then go out and do the things you are afraid people will judge you on. The only one who should care about how you live your life is yourself and everyone else should support you. Don’t live your life for other people, you won’t nd your happiness within theirs.

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