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Capable of happiness: You are right where you need to be

By Gillian Pietrowski
Assistant Features Editor

As college flashes past our eyes, we tend to get nervous as to how fast reality hits us. We spent so much time enjoying our classes, being with friends, and not having to worry about “adulting” quite yet. We start to feel a panic of wondering whether or not this is something we can handle.

Photo by Caroline Ryan

For some, graduation is coming up soon, which means full time jobs are right behind them. If those of you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed about it, just remember you are right where you need to be. Finding jobs can be tiring and feel almost as if it is impossible, but things like that take time. Be positive and don’t give up because everything happens for a reason. Feeling lost or alone when leaving college is a lot more normal than you may think.

Even if you land a job that you are not truly happy with, it is an experience worth taking because we learn from every situation we find ourselves in. If you find yourself not truly happy or please with where you currently are, take a step back.

Try and find one thing that you can benefit from and hold ontothat. Finding the little things that make it all worth it can bring you happiness and make the tough situations bearable.

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