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Celebrating Easter: Activities

By Dondre Lemon 
Staff Writer

Easter is a time to be around family, enjoy chocolate, and take the time to reflect on the life of Jesus and thank him for what he has done for us. Catholic Easter is celebrated this Sunday, April 1 and Orthodox Easter is celebrated next Sunday, April 7.

Photo by Kristina Huderski

If you are on campus for Easter, you can gather some of your friends on campus and either go out for dinner at a nearby restaurant or make your own Easter dinner. After, you can go to the interfaith chapel at 8 p.m. for Easter mass.

For students who want to celebrate Easter off campus, there are plenty of activities. What is Easter without an Easter egg hunt? You can attend the Annual Easter egg hunt hosted by Think & Fun NYC, in Riverside Park in Manhattan. Your siblings or children can enjoy the wonders of finding eggs filled with candy. Spend the day helping young ones find the eggs scattered around the park, and give them the bragging rights of collecting the most eggs. The event is on March 31 and costs $40 per person.

If egg hunting is not your style, try an Easter cruise. The cruise sets off from Sky-port Marina, and makes its way up the East River. Enjoy some music and the city skyline with your partner or friends. This event will be on Saturday, March 31 and Sunday, April 1, at 11 a.m. and is $30 per person.

Along with Easter egg hunts and egg races, people also find time to build on worship. Many people attend church services with their family and friends to remember Jesus and his sacrifice.

Photo by Jada Butler

Also on Easter, movies about the Bible reemerge on to TV screens such as “The Ten Commandments,” featuring the late Charlton Heston, “The Passion of Christ,” created by Mel Gibson, and “The Robe” featuring the late Richard Burton.

Whether on campus or off campus, Easter is a time to celebrate Jesus dying for us and rising from the dead to save us.

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