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College Democrats Petition To Form a Club

By Angelique D’Alessandro
Staff Writer

The College Democrats Club has started a petition to come to campus, hoping to expand and become a place for all people interested in politics. Jared Rosenthal, an 18-year-old freshman, and co-founder of the club says he felt that, “since there is already a Republican Club on campus, we should bring the Democrat Club to Post.” Rosenthal has experience in the political field and is currently working on his fourth political campaign. He even had the opportunity to work on the Clinton presidential campaign this past year, inspiring his love for politics even more.

To students who may have interest in the club, but are not democrats, Rosenthal ensures his club is, “open to all views, you don’t have to be a Democrat to join.” He wants the organization to be inclusive and open to all people so that all students on campus can learn more about politics.

The main goal of the club is to instill a knowledge of local and national politics into all of its members. Rosenthal wants to use College Democrats Club to, “teach people about politics, equality, and get people registered to vote.” He believes that it is imperative to get students engaged in politics, as many are not aware of the political workings around them. College is a time to expand in knowledge, and Rosenthal hopes his club can do just that for interested students.

To find out more information about the College Democrats Club, contact Jared Rosenthal at, or call (516) 946-4536.

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