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Countdown to Graduation

Last updated on Apr 12, 2017

By Kristina Huderski
Features Editor

With less than three weeks until graduation, many seniors have mixed emotions. Graduation is a bittersweet moment that leaves many happy and others sad. Some students are excited for the future, and others are just not quite ready to leave.

Photo by Kristina Huderski Display outside of bookstore of graduation merchandise
Photo by Kristina Huderski
Display outside of bookstore of graduation merchandise

As graduation approaches, students begin to think back to the very first day they walked onto campus. Life as a freshman is very different than that of a senior who will soon be job searching or going to graduate school.

Seniors are able to celebrate their last hurrah together during senior week. Together, friends can decorate their caps and or dance the night away at the senior formal. Finally, on May 5, the senior class will come together to receive their diplomas and celebrate the hard work they have put in the last four years.

What emotions are seniors feeling? Panagiotis Sacoulas, an information technology major, is both excited and sad. “I am sad because most of my friends are graduating and I won’t see them every day like I used to. I am also sad that I won’t be able to participate much in the activities I did as a student here,” Sacoulas said. Sacoulas is fortunate enough to be starting a full time job working for I.T. on campus once he graduates. “I am happy though because I am blessed to have gotten a job with the school, so I will be here continuing as member of the LIU family,” he said.

Klara Berggren, a senior public relations major, is excited to graduate. Berggren is from Sweden, but has extended her visa for an extra year to stay in the U.S. and work. Berggren plans to stay in New York for the summer and work at a soccer camp in the Hamptons. Then, Berggren will hopefully move to Los Angeles in the fall and get a job at a public relations agency or production company.. “I am beyond excited to graduate from Post in a month. I’ve probably had the best three years of my life here, but I am ready to see what the future holds, and I feel like I am more prepared than ever,” Berggren said.

Brittany Mitchell, a senior broadcasting major, also has mixed feelings about graduating. “Graduating is an amazing yet nerve-wracking feeling. There’s something beautiful about closing one chapter and starting a new one, but it’s still sort of scary stepping into the unknown,” Mitchell said. She is looking for a job and hopes to one day be an assistant producer or assistant writer, and then become a producer.

Seniors, you have little time left to make college memories. Make sure you make them count!


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