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DIY Craft: Fall Tea Lights

By Tashina Tappin
Staff Writer

Glass containers or mason jars
Real or artificial craft leaves
Mod Podge ($1.49 at Michaels) or hot glue gun Sponge brush(optional)
Rubbing alcohol

First, make sure the outside of the jar is clean. Wipe it gently with rubbing alcohol to remove any grease or dust; the leaves will not stick if the jar is dirty or oily. Then, if using fabric leaves, bend the leaves to loosen them up enough to be easily manipulated. For real leaves, dampen them with mod podge.

Photo by Tashina Tappin

To decorate, dip your brush in the mod podge and paint a thin layer on a section of the jar. Once the layer becomes tacky, attach a leaf to that section. Paint more mod podge on top of the leaf in thin layers. Make sure to atten the leaf by starting at the center of it and smoothing outward toward the edges. When using artificial craft leaves, you may choose to use a hot glue gun to carefully apply adhesive.

Repeat this process to layer more leaves on top until you achieve your desired look. Once all the leaves are in place and covered, allow a few hours to dry. This is a simple and fun fall-themed decor, perfect for a dorm or bedroom. The decorated container can be used as a candle holder, pencil jar or anything else you see fit.


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