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Don’t Let Finals Stress You Out

By Gillian Piertowski
Staff Writer

As students begin studying for finals, the stress begins to kick in. The uneasiness and angst can sometimes cause students to do poorly on exams. Luckily, the Be the Change and College Democrats club have come up with an outlet to help students handle the stress. From Dec. 4 to Dec. 7, the two clubs will be selling stress relief kits for $3 in Hillwood Commons, everyday during common hour.

Photo by Jada Butler

Included in these kits will be items such as pencils, candy, tea bags, and tips on how to relieve stress and on meditation. “One of our core values in this club is to encourage people to take really good care of themselves and to keep themselves mentally healthy,” Adam Silverstein, a sophomore social work major, and President and founder of the Be the Change club, said.

“I think these kits […] will help make studying for finals less of a burden on them,” Matt Goldstein, a junior criminal justice major, and Vice President of Be the Change club, said.

Michelle Chan, a freshman believes that these kits are valuable if students are having a hectic morning and did not remember to grab a snack before the exam. “That is where the kit will come in handy,” she said. “It’s simple, handy and totally inexpensive.”

If you are a student who gets overwhelmed during finals week, you might want to check out the Stress Relief Kit event and purchase one to help yourself out!

The proceeds from this event will go to an organization called Challenge day, which is the basis of the Be the Change club.

For more information on this organization go to their website at or sit in on a club meeting Tuesdays in Hillwood room 108 during common hour.

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