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Experience Brotherhood at Fraternity Recruitment

By Angelique D’Alessandro
Staff Writer

Fraternity recruitment is right around the corner, and the men of the brotherhoods of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Theta Chi, Phi Sigma Kappa, and Tau Kappa Epsilon say they are excited to welcome potential new members. The four organizations are very active on campus, already began tabling for their philanthropies at common hour and representing their letters on campus at events like Meet the Greeks.

Photo Courtesy of Michael Scicutella
Fraternity, Theta Chi

Peter Grabowski-Ramirez, a senior and former president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, says during recruitment he “[thinks] about the potential to build new friendships.” For the potential new members, Grabowski- Ramirez says they should “go to an event for each fraternity and evaluate” how they feel with the different groups of people. Grabowski-Ramirez feels recruitment is an exciting time to welcome new members to his brotherhood.

Brandon Mohan, a sophomore and member of Tau Kappa Epsilon, says his favorite part of recruitment is meeting new people. He says his fraternity “makes you feel part of a real brotherhood.” Mohan advises potential new members not to be scared, and to “make [themselves] open to new things.”

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