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Fashion Trends For Fall

By Quedus Babalola
Staff Writer

When you look at what was trending on campus when it came to fashion last year and compare it to this year a remarkable change has definitely taken place.

Photo Courtesy of Keolani Williams
Keolani Williams, a senior forensic
psychology major.

“It was actually really hard for me to gather my wardrobe together for this fall semester because it’s hard to keep up with the trends of today,” Tarah Simon, a junior political science major said. Simon is one of many students who found it a bit hard to pick outfits for the fall not because the weather is drastically changing but because the trends in fashion change so often.

Last fall most students had on a pair of UGGs and a parka coat to not only stay warm but to look like they just came off a music video or from walking in a huge designers fashion show. However, this fall most students are walking around with visor sunglasses giving off a very futuristic look. “I bought these shades because Nicki Minaj wore a pair just like them. Most of today’s trends usually stem from mainstream celebrities like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and so many other powerful women in the industry,” said Keolani Williams, a senior forensic psychology major.

Celebrities definitely have had a huge impact on college students fashion choices.

Nowadays big name brands like H&M are partnering up with local social media stars like Aaliyah Jay and Khalid. With no big hits to their name, no million dollar contract, social media was able to make regular people fashion icons overnight. Here, most students are getting their fashion inspiration from a range people including Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian.

“I mean, why should I even care about fashion? It’s not like people even look at me to see what I’m wearing. All they see is football player and they keep going about their business. If I felt people appreciated when i dress up then maybe I will but for now i’m going to be one of the guys and just wear my t-shirt and sweatpants,” Hakim Ahmed, a sophomore biology major said.

The male demographic on campus doesn’t really follow trends the way females do. Usually the males who aren’t athletes follow dress trends on campus, but not as much as the females. The males who do follow trends on campus have noticed the difference between last year and this semester. “I just think fashion is the thing now, last year nobody really cared. Now you have everyone walking around in visor glasses, long kimono dresses, long bomber jackets, it just feels like high school all over again where nobody actually comes to learn but to show off their latest and best out fits,” Fahruk Soni, a sophomore broadcasting major said.

At the end of the day, put on your best look and head to campus where the fashion show doesn’t start till you arrive.

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