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Feeling Rundown? Don’t Burnout

By Alecia Sexton
Staff Writer

How many of us feel rundown and exhausted at one point or another during the week? It could be recurrent exhaustion upon waking, a mid-day low point, or the inability to recover after a workout. If this sounds like you on a regular basis, you might be experiencing adrenal fatigue.

Photo by Alecia Sexton
Coffee, sugar, and scary movie are examples of stimulants.

The adrenal glands are located on top of the kidneys and are responsible for secreting a variety of hormones that respond to all types of stress. Anything that stimulates the body, whether it’s a re alarm, a breakup, a marriage proposal, or even a scary movie, the adrenals are responsible for handling all things ‘stressful’. Since symptoms range from depression and weakness to hyperactivity and muscle cramps, it’s often difficult to pinpoint an adrenal fatigue issue which is why it’s important to find a doctor who’s very familiar with the adrenal glands and knows what tests to order.

Before seeking professional help, you can try to analyze your lifestyle and see if you’re experiencing some of the telltale symptoms that present themselves when a person is suffering from adrenal fatigue. In addition to those mentioned above, another common sign you’re burnt out is craving carbohydrates, sugar and caffeine throughout the day.

Studies done by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, show that stimulants in general, including drugs, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and even things that ‘pump us up’ such as loud music and suspenseful situations, have all been linked to spikes in blood pressure, increase in blood sugar, long lasting feelings of angst, and even muscle weakness. The common denominator seems to be the adrenal glands and the effects of hormones that are produced in times of prolonged and extensive stress.

If you want to avoid the symptoms associated with adrenal burnout, or just feel that you need to relax a bit more, aside from going to the doctor, there are a few natural ways that you can cool down. One includes, oddly enough, going a bit easier at the gym and being sure not to push your body to its max. When you do this, all of your energy is put into whatever exercise being performed, and is being taken away from other parts of the body that could help you maintain proper energy and fight fatigue. You could also try taking up yoga, changing around your weekly schedule so you have more free time, or try confronting your feelings and stop holding in negative thoughts and emotions. Anger, worry, jealousy and fear leave the body feeling weak, confused and drained and are best to be avoided. In a world with so much bad and negativity buzzing around us, it’s important to make sure that we are treating ourselves and our bodies with respect.

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