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Flooding in Pell Hall

Jack Georgis
Staff Writer

A recent flood in the basement of Pell Hall has damaged parts of the building and forensic science laboratory equipment. The flood was caused by a drain clog that lead to an over flowing sink in a janitorial closet, according to Roy Fergus, director of facilities services. Facilities services located the source and shut off the running water before draining the water out. Several laboratories and classrooms were damaged by the flooding.

Photo by Jack Georgis
Roy Fergus, director of facilities services

“The water got under the door of some laboratories and anything on the floor took damage. This included a box of les or product,” Fergus said.

The damaged items belonged to the forensic science department, whose faculty and students have already made complaints about working with outdated equipment.

“A finalized inventory of the damage has been submitted, and I am confident that the repairs and replacements will be forthcoming,” Francis Harten, director of the forensic science program, said.

Facilities services and Pell Hall faculty were briefed on how to prevent another situation like this to occur.

Staff were instructed to shut off faucets, report all leaks and to check the area before leaving. “If something isn’t right or a clog is noticed it should be addressed, or someone should be told about it,” Fergus said. He added that all facilities services staff receive “basic training to assure inspections are done, as well as being done properly.”

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