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Frank Ocean ‘Chanel’ Single Review

By Alec Matuszak
Arts and Entertainment Editor

The man that is Frank Ocean (born Christopher Breaux) came out of hiding once more and graced the Internet with another single, called ‘Chanel”. The singer songwriter from New Orleans, Louisiana originally rose to fame with the punk-rap gritty group known as Odd Future. The group has since disbanded, but several members, including Frank Ocean, are doing just fine in their solo-careers thus far. Frank Ocean took a lengthy hiatus from the music industry after the release of his critically acclaimed album ‘Channel Orange’ on Jul. 10, 2012. Both fans and critics were fond of the album, though Frank’s career began to slow down in the months after the album’s release. It would take four whole years for Frank Ocean to release his sophomore album, titled “Blonde”. The release of Blonde had plenty of fans hyped for new music and were anticipating his return for quite some time. In a somewhat unexpected move, Frank Ocean released a surprise single on Mar. 10, 2017 and Mr. Ocean surely doesn’t disappoint anyone here.

Frank Ocean’s new single cover
Frank Ocean’s new single cover

The first line of this song tells you a lot about Frank Ocean. “My guy pretty like a girl / and he got five stories to tell,” he sings over a melancholy but relaxing instrumental. Shortly after the release of his debut album, Ocean took to his blog to write a lengthy post about his sexuality among other topics. Basically, he came out as bisexual and I like how he’s addressing this in the opening line, just to “put it all out there” in a sense and get on with the song. Aside from his sexual orientation, Frank Ocean speaks on the subject of police encounters, being a black man himself. “Police think I’m of the underworld…12 treat a [explitive] like he twelve/ how you lookin’ up to me but talking down,” he said. (The term “12” is a slang term for police). Overall, the song has a chill vibe to it, despite him tackling many subjects that trouble him in his life. Fans get to hear Frank hit all the high notes in the latter part of the song, signing in his falsetto range like he does all too well. “I see both sides like Chanel / C on both sides like Chanel,” he raps, referring to his perspective on things as well as a braggadocios line about being able to afford designer handbags with a C on BOTH sides. “I rubber band a bunch of thousand dollar Delta gift cards,” is an interesting way to brag about one’s wealth, but somehow Frank does it well here. Perhaps expensive designer bags are just as important to Frank Ocean as saving money on flights is.

This single was a welcome addition into Frank’s discography. Let’s hope he doesn’t take two years to release another one. Please, Frank. end with an open discussion. At this time, a question that a member wrote is picked out of a jar, and the members discuss and give their own input.


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