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Fraternities Host Alcohol Awareness Event

By Angelique D’Alessandro

Executive Editor

The brothers of Phi Sigma Kappa and Tau Kappa Epsilon held an event to bring awareness to drunk driving and the dangers of alcohol on Tuesday, Nov. 6 to benefit Mothers Against Drunk Driving. This was the first time they held this event.

Students face each other in Mario Kart while wearing drunk
vision goggles

The event raised $164 for the organization which fights for stricter impaired driving policy. They aim to bring awareness to the dangers of driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Over 50 students attended the event in the End Zone during common hour. Attendees tried on drunk goggles and played Mario Kart to mimic the effect of drunkenness on driving. Students in attendance discussed the dangers of drinking and driving and pledged not to drive while intoxicated.

Brianna Licausi, a senior physical education major, said she is glad the event used fun games to approach a serious topic. “[Drunk driving] is something that happens every day, and instead of
making it so serious where people don’t want to listen, we’re playing fun games like Mario Kart with drunk goggles. That actually gets people involved,” she said.

Despite the lightheartedness of the activities, the event had a message – drinking is something to be taken seriously, and driving while drunk is never okay.

Brothers of Phi Sigma Kappa & Tau Kappa Epsilon hosted the event

RJ Ayroso, a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon, said the event meant to show students the true effects of alcohol. “When you’re drunk, you can’t do the things you do every day. It’s much harder to do things when you are drunk, so we are trying to enforce alcohol awareness so people don’t get to that level where they can’t function,” he said.

Theresa Kelley, a senior political science major, said she felt that the educational nature of the event was important. “There are so many people on college campuses who don’t understand the effects of alcohol on your body or your mind,” she said. “As a result of that, people die, and really dangerous situations happen. Education on this is important.”

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