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From Nursing Field to Track Field, This Freshman Has High Hopes

By Michael Ampofo

Staff Writer

A new school year means fresh faces. Freshmen transitioning from highschool to college are adjusting to new responsibilities and changes, but the class of 2022 are here and ready to make their mark on Post.

Imoniri Aghomon is beginning the year undecided, but she is positive about starting her first semester.

Imoniri Aghomon

It’s her first time away from her hometown, Bay Shore, yet she is optimistic about the opportunities ahead. “It’s refreshing, [there is] so much to do on campus, lots of stuff to get me involved. The teachers give so much support, they want you succeed rather than fail and want you to communicate – the faculty [are] beyond what I could’ve expected,” she said.

Though undecided, Aghomon is considering a major in nursing, influenced by stories from when her mother was in nursing. She also heard rumors of incompetence with some health professionals, so through nursing she hopes to “make a change and give the health profession a new face.”

As an athlete coming from Bay Shore High School, Aghomon has acquired and brought with her extensive athletic awards. With the titles of All Country Shot Put, Weight Throw & Discus thrower in both 2018 seasons, All Long Island Weight Thrower, as well as All State No.1 and No.5 in Discus and Weight Throw respectively, Aghomon is eagerly waiting to start her freshman year of track and field.

Despite her accolades, she holds education as a high priority, and she intends to keep a healthy balance between school, sports and friends while representing The Pioneers in the best way possible.

Aghomon’s adjustment to the social side of college is going smoothly.

“Just from the few days of classes I noticed that the students are really relaxed, we all got to really know about each others strengths and weakness. We are all willing to help each other,” she said.

Aghomon lives on campus and gets along well with her roommate Margrett, who she met early in June.

“Things have to be done before and after moving,” she said. Planning who is getting what and when is important for the move-in process to be quick and easy. She and her roommate had to completely rearrange their dorm room to make the most out of the space they had.

With new experiences ahead and a reignited passion to achieve more, Aghomon is aiming to break barriers both academically and competitively. From the nursing field to the track field, be sure to look out for the Bay Shore High School graduate, now LIU Post freshman, Imoniri Aghomon.

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