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Gaming Column: Christianity in Legend of Zelda

By Alex Espinosa

Staff Writer

In the “Legend of Zelda” universe, the Triforce symbol is the most powerful artifact of the game. What people may not know is that this sacred treasure also symbolizes the “The Holy Trinity” in Christianity.

Link praying at the Desert Temple gates

Right from the start of the game, the opening credits tell us that “the prince of darkness Gannon has stolen the triforce of power.” The other being who shares the title of “Prince of Darkness” is Satan. More references come in the form of in-game items, such as the Bible, and a shield with a cross on it.

In “Legend of Zelda 2,” players will see crosses almost everywhere. They’re present on tombstones, in dungeons and on churches.

In “Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past,” the character Link makes the Catholic sign of the cross and then kneels to pray in order to open the Desert Temple gates.

We learn in “Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” that Din, the goddess of power, used her power of fire to create the land. This could be a reference of how in the Bible, God, “The Father,” created the land and appeared to his followers as a ball of fire.

Next comes Nayru, the goddess of wisdom who used her power to bring law to the land.

This may be interpreted as a reference to Jesus, “The Son,” whose sole purpose on earth was to proclaim the law of God.

Finally, there is Farore, the goddess of courage and her connection to the “Holy Ghost.” Both Farore and the “Holy Ghost” give the gift of spirit to the world the ensure an eternal rebirth. The other connection Farore has to the “Holy Ghost” is her power of wind. Some have described the “Holy Ghost” they describe it as something similar to wind a presence one can feel but not see.

The last connection Farore has to the “Holy Ghost” is her title “Goddess of Courage.” This is especially important because in Christianity, the “Holy Ghost” gives believers the courage needed to move forward.

With all these connections it’s hard to doubt that the creators “Legend of Zelda” took inspiration from Christianity. I hope that I have inspired some of you to learn more about the games you love so much.

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