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Gaming: Smite, ULLR “The Glorious One”

By Alex Espinosa

Staff Writer

In “Smite,” we are introduced to Ullr: The Glorious One. In the game, Ullr is designed in heavy robes and a hood, he also wears a bow and arrow and his twin axes. As a hunter god that lives in the frigid north, this design could not be more fitting.

There are many gods in Norse mythology, but few are as highly regarded as Ullr, “The Hunter God of Glory.” In both mythology and in “Smite,” Ullr doesn’t represent the boastfulness or shameful satisfaction one gets from seeing others fall. He is honorable and pays respect to true glory in all its forms.

For Ullr, glory is in the silence of snow fall, the perfect curve of a bow firing an arrow, the honorable victory earned in single combat and the moment of life’s rebirth. In Norse mythology, “The Hunter God of Glory” is an enigma ever keeping to himself. In “Smite,” Ullr is secretive and knows that true glory lies in remote hideaways, untouched by the hands of time, and it is in these very hideaways the shrines to Ullr can be found.

Ullr is highly respected even among the gods, for it his him and not one of Odin’s sons that tends the throne of Asgard while the all father is away. While other gods would abuse the power the throne brings, Ullr knows that his rule is an extension of Odin’s will.

The mythology states that Ullr is a skilled archer and an expert in close combat; this is no different in “Smite.” In the game, Ullr’s attacks and abilities revolve around his skills as a hunter. His passive ability is called weapons master; this allows Ullr to switch between fighting with his bow and his axes, and it is here that we see Ullr’s true skills. With his bow, Ullr’s abilities allow him to attack multiple
enemies at once while his axe-based abilities are for single combat.

Ullr’s second ability is called expose weakness. This allows Ullr to land critical hits easily. Just as his mythology counterpart finds glory in a bow firing an arrow true, Smite’s Ullr is able to find the perfect shot without hesitation.

Ullr’s ultimate is called Wield Axes; with this Ullr gains additional physical strength and lifesteal which allows him to deal more damage to a single enemy. This ties in to his mythology as it tells how Ullr finds honor in single combat and pays respect to his fallen foe.

While not much is known about Ullr, “Smite” does a good job of paying respect to his mythology and gives us a character that is both accurate and fun to play with.

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