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Gender Neutral Bathrooms

By Jada Butler
Assistant News Editor

As the controversy over transgender bathroom rights continues across the nation, LIU Post has taken action towards gender equality by labeling the first gender-neutral bathrooms in Hillwood Commons.

Photo by Jada Butler Gender neutral bathroom located in Hillwood near Campus Life
Photo by Jada Butler
Gender neutral bathroom located in Hillwood near Campus Life

Located in the hall behind the Campus Concierge, the two single-stall male/female bathrooms on the first floor of Hillwood Commons were converted to gender-neutral bathrooms before the start of the 2016-2017 academic year. “The facilities were converted because as single-stall restrooms, they did not need to be gender specific,” Joseph Vernace, Associate Director of Campus Life, said.

These restrooms do not receive much attention from high traffic areas of Hillwood, such as the Fishbowl, LIU Promise offices, and the student run businesses. They are located between several meetings spaces for campus clubs and organizations, as well as the Campus Concierge.

There are several single-stall restrooms located throughout campus in the residence halls and academic spaces not yet labeled as gender-neutral. Other building such as the Little Theater, the Film, Dance & The- ater building, the Tilles Center, Humanities, and the Pratt Recreation Center are without single stall, gender-neutral facilities for students.

“Identifying these facilities [in Hillwood] and re-labeling them was an easy decision and a progressive step towards a more gender-inclusive campus,” Vernace said.

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