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Health Column: Love Your Liver

By Alecia Sexton

Staff Writer

Some people often underestimate the power of the liver. The liver plays many vital roles in the body, such as toxin removal, nutrient absorption, bile production and protein production. It’s the heaviest organ in the body and contributes to 21 percent of the body’s basal metabolic rate, meaning it requires more energy than any other organ in order to function.

With all of the critical functions of the liver, we should take actions in our daily lives to support its overall health. This is becoming increasingly harder to accomplish in today’s industrialized world. Substances like gasoline, dryer sheets, and other seemingly harmless things such as perfumes and colognes are all items we are exposed to on a daily basis.

Recent studies confirmed some fragrance chemicals used in popular perfumes have been found deposited in surface liver tissue, suggesting they may not be completely harmless.

A study done by the National Center for Biotechnology Information exposed mice to some of the most common perfumes and colognes sold on the market. The study concluded that after exposure, mice had decreased expiratory airflow and showed symptoms of neurotoxicity such as lack of coordination and decreased neurological function.

While there are many things that are beyond our control that can negatively affect the liver and body such as air pollution and other environmental toxins, it’s important to know that there are preservative actions each one of us can take on a daily basis.

Editor’s Note: The Pioneer is not responsible for giving medical advice. Please refer to a medical professional for serious concerns regarding personal health.

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