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Hit the Ground Running: How Tau Kappa Epsilon Earned Club of the Week

By Joseph Iemma
Features Editor

Tau Kappa Epsilon, TKE, is one of  six greek life organizations on campus. Its track record of philanthropy is a lengthy one indeed.  Since Fall 2013, the fraternity has successfully organized and executed 25 charitable events, both on and off-campus. One of the fraternity’s favorite organizations to raise money for, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, has benefited mightily from TKE. “I’m proud to say that we’ve been able to donate upwards of $5,000 to St. Jude’s, that’s special,” said Muhmaet Hassan, a TKE brother since 2015.

LIU, TKE Chapter Meeting, 2016
LIU, TKE Chapter Meeting, 2016

The Pioneer interviewed Nicholas Brailovsky, the president of the Tau Kappa Epsilon chapter on campus, and Muhmaet Hassan, the fraternity’s treasurer, about the fraternity’s upcoming charity events for spring semester 2017.

Q) “Before we get started, how did the charity event with Chipotle go last December?”
A) Hassan: “Really well.  Although turnout at Chipotle of Hicksville was less busy than expected that day, I’m happy to tell you that we were able to donate about $350 to our friends over at St. Jude’s which is always good. I think we established a good connection with that Chipotle location, so perhaps going forward, we can offer an event for them later in the semester.
Q) “Nick, as President of the fraternity, what are some contrasts when it comes to the functioning of TKE between the fall and spring semesters, if any?
A) Brailovsky: “Well in terms of recruitment, I think we like to take the same approach when it comes to taking in a new recruiting class, however; I think we recruit better in the fall for a variety of reasons. One being that there’s a higher influx of new students, but two, we focus on charity, philanthropy and our academics just a little bit more during the spring.”
A) Hassan: “Just to piggyback off of that, last semester we were able to organize three charity events. This semester we would like to shoot for four to six. For example, we’re organizing a winter carnival, which will be on campus. We’re currently in the beginning stages of organizing but all proceeds will go to St. Jude’s and we’re really proud of that. We even organized a GoFundMe account in regards to our St. Jude’s philanthropy. Our goal for that operation is $5,000 alone.”

“This is my last semester. After I graduate, I want to be able to look back at my time here at Post and say ‘Wow, we had a great time, but we also did great things.’  That will really mean a lot to me.”

The link to donate to TKE’s St. Jude’s go fund me account is:



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