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Homecoming Queen & King of 2018

By Anand Venigalla

Features Editor

Matt Goldstein and Olivia Kavanaugh were named Homecoming King and Queen at the 2018 Homecoming on Oct. 13. Voting went up for students via SimplyVoting on October 11 and lasted until October 12, 5 p.m. Other candidates for Homecoming King and Queen included Samantha Samant and Angelique D’Alessandro for Queen, and for King, Joseph Migliara and Daniel Puntorno.

Matt Goldstein, Homecoming King

Goldstein, a senior criminal justice major, has lofty goals. “Some of my academic and career goals are to make the dean’s list again and to obtain a career in the field of criminal justice,” he said.

As Homecoming King, he wants to present the best image for the university. “What I would do as homecoming king,” he said before he was named, “is promote positivity throughout the campus and represent the school in all of its glory.”

He has some advice for students. “Don’t be afraid to set goals and to face adversity.”

Goldstein felt that not being in a fraternity was an asset. “I feel like it’s pretty cool to have won against two people who had frat connections because the last five years it’s always been
a frat [member] and it’s about time that someone from a club won homecoming king for a change,” he said.

Olivia Kavanaugh, Homecoming Queen

Olivia Kavanaugh, a senior art education major, was excited about being crowned Homecoming Queen. She, too, has ambitious plans for the future. “I’m working hard to prepare for student teaching next semester and eventually hope to teach art in an inner city school,” she said.

Kavanaugh wants to be the face representing her fellow students at events such as Founders day and the mansion lighting. “It is a huge honor to have been chosen by my fellow students to represent them as Homecoming Queen; I am very humbled to have won over my fellow, well-deserving, candidates,” she said.

Kavanaugh has simple advice for others: Work hard, “but enjoy all that you do and if you are given a good opportunity, don’t pass it up,” she said.

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