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Irish “Lucky” Buddies Recipe

By Jada Butler


– 10 cups of rice chex cereal, divided (one 12.8 oz box)
– 10 oz of white chocolate chips or vanilla candy melts
– Green food coloring
– 4 tbsp of irish creme coffee creamer (Sub 4 tbsp of Bailey’s Irish Cream for a boozy treat)
– 2 cups of powdered sugar, divided
– 1/2 cup of green m&ms (or chocolate chips)
– Peppermint oil (edible)

– 2 medium sized bowls
– 2 small microwaveable bowls
– Whisk or mixing spoon
– Soft rubber spatula
– Dry measuring cups
– 2 one gallon ziplock bags

This fast, no-bake recipe is so easy, you can make it in your dorm room.


  1. Divide the 10 cups rice chex cereal evenly into a 2 medium sized bowls. Set aside.
  2. Add 5 oz of white chocolate chips (or vanilla candy melts) and 4 tbsp of Irish creamer (or Bailey’s) to a microwaveable bowl, then heat in the microwave. Wait for it to come to a boil (or after 2 minutes) and remove the bowl from the microwave. Gently whisk until smooth. If there are clumps, microwave in 20 second intervals until smooth.
  3. Add 3 drops of green food coloring to melted chocolate. Stir; add more drops to your preferred shade of green.
  4. Pour the green melted chocolate over the chex cereal in the first medium bowl. Lightly stir with a soft rubber spatula to coat evenly. Be careful to not break the chex cereal too much.
  5. When the cereal is completely coated, pour into a gallon sized ziplock. Add one cup of powdered sugar and seal the bag. Now is the fun part – shake the bag until the cereal is completely coated. Set aside.
  6. Next, melt the remaining 5 oz of white chocolate chips in the other small bowl in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. Remove the bowl from the microwave, add 3 drops of peppermint flavor (not too much, you don’t want to overwhelm it. Do a taste test), and gently whisk until smooth. Leave white, or add another shade of green – your choice.
  7. Repeat steps four and five.
  8. Allow both bags to dry and then combine in a serving bowl with the green m&m’s (or chocolate chips).

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