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Job Fair for Senior

By Kylie Garrett
Staff Writer

Seniors, it’s about that time. That time you’ve been looking forward to since your freshman year. That time you thought would take forever to come. That time you are actually dreading now that it’s here. Graduation. And you know what that means; it means the real world. It means moving out of your parents’ house, paying for your own house, your own food, and your own bills. To be able to pay for these things, you’ll need one thing: a job.

The office of Employer and Alumni Engagement is hosting a graduating students job fair to help you get just that. Companies will be in the Employer Engagement office from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. on April 24 to meet with seniors and recent alumni looking for entry level and part time jobs and internships. Business casual attire is required, and students should bring several copies of their resumes.

The employer and alumni engagement office’s mission for this fair is to get students jobs. “I remember my senior year, graduation was coming I was like ‘this is awesome.’ Then I realized I didn’t have a job, and had no idea what I was going do, I had no plan so I had to make a plan quick,” Joan Yonke, campus director of employer and alumni engagement, said.

Yonke believes this is a great opportunity for students who don’t have anything lined up for after graduation. The companies will be offering entry-level jobs in management trainee programs where students will get experience and hands-on learning.

Tiffany Reyes, a senior criminal justice major, plans to attend the fair. “As graduation approaches all seniors should be encouraged to go because it gives them options and opportunities of what they would want to do after graduation instead of feeling stuck,” Reyes said.

This is the second year that the employer and alumni engagement office will be hosting this fair. Last year 60 employers attended and 15 will be present this year, according to Michelle Nimetz, the assistant director of employer and alumni engagement. Among the companies attending are Penske, Geico and Cintas. Even though there are fewer employersthis year, Yonke and Nimetz are hopeful that many students will come.

“We love putting on these events,” Nimetz said. Students come here for four years and the end goal is to get a job. So us being able to make that connection from employers to students and watch them get hired and start their lives is very nice,” Nimetz said.

The office of employer and alumni engagement is located at the old bookstore building across from Winnick Mansion. Students interested can contact or call 516-299-2263.

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