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Kirker Leaves Post After 22 Years

By Joseph Iemma
Staff Writer

For the past 22 years, William Kirker has truly been the man behind the scenes. While his work is always seen, seldom is his work appreciated; and never has it been celebrated.

Photo by Thomas Gillen - William Kirker, director of department of facilities
Photo by Thomas Gillen – William Kirker, director of department of facilities

The title of Director of Facilities bears tremendous responsibility. When there were reports of graffiti accumulating on the bookshelves in the library, Kirker was on it. When a snowstorm dumped a foot of snow on campus three weeks ago, Kirker allocated the proper resources to dispose of the snow, salt the roads, and clear the paths and parking lots of any hazardous debris, so that the campus could adequately operate and serve its’ students the next day.

It’s been that macro-mindset, and efficient management that’s kept Kirker as the director of facilities for more than two decades, but after 22 years, he will leave his position at the end of the semester. The “decision to leave is my own,” Kirker said, adding that he has an opportunity to move onto a new challenge.”

While Kirker did not disclose that new opportunity, he did offer some perspective as to why he’s decided to take his skills elsewhere. “As you get older, you gain a different perspective on life. When opportunities come along, you may need to make decisions that you never thought you would. But change can be a good thing if you make it so,” Kirker said.

Kirker wasted no time explaining why leaving Post will be difficult, while thanking those he’s worked with along the way. “What makes it difficult to leave are the people you leave. These are people that you have worked with every day and for me over 21 years. They become a big part of your life, they are your “work family”.” He called his staff “the best.” Kirker added: “One person can’t do everything. The team effort approach we have is what works. I couldn’t get through one day without them.”

Kirker’s beloved secretaries, Beth Funfgeld and Josephine Curello, offered recognition for the work Kirker has done, while highlighting exactly how great a man Kirker has been, and continues to be. “He really loves you guys [the students],” Funfgeld said. “Always, you guys come first. It’ll be hard when he leaves, he is a great man.”

Kirker is expected to serve as director of facilities through graduation, until sometime in early to mid May, continuing to preserve and build up the campus he’s called home for the past 22 years.

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