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Last Football Game of the Season

By Andrew Servedio
Sports Editor

The Pioneers finish off the season on a high note as they defeated Saint Anselm 45-7 on Saturday, Nov 11. The team ended the season with a 5 game win streak making their final record 8-2 on the season.

Photo Courtesy of Caitlyn McNeil

The game started off with a bang as the Pioneers were the first to score with a field goal that made the score 3-0. The Pioneers held the Hawks to 175 yards in total. Jake Carlock lead the Pioneer defense with eight tackles. Saint Anselm did not score until the end of the third quarter when they passed for a 7-yard touchdown.

Quarterback, Yianni Gavalas rushed for 23 yards in total throughout the game. Gavalas faced the team that he played with prior to coming to Post. He is a four-year transfer from Saint Anselm College. Gavalas said after the game, “We are disappointed as a team not being able to compete in the playoffs. We feel that we are a playoff caliber team. It was a weird but great experience playing at Saint Anselm again. I got to see old friends and make memories with new ones.”

The Pioneers end their regular season 8-2 and unfortunately will not be continuing their season into the playoffs. Hopefully the football team will do better next season and hopefully win another championship in the future.

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