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Last Minute Halloween Costumes Already in Your Closet

By Angelique D’Alessandro

Executive Editor

To be a scarecrow, I am wearing my black jeans, black knee high boots, and a flannel shirt. I braided my hair and wore a tan-colored hat. To accessorize, I tied a piece of straw around my neck. I completed the look with scarecrow makeup, accentuating my blush and using eyeliner to draw a scarecrow mouth and nose.


This mouse costume combines a few staple closet pieces. Wearing my black top, I paired it with black jeans, knee high black boots, and a fun belt. To make ears, I put my hair into two space buns on top of my head. To complete the look, I drew a nose and whiskers onto my face with eyeliner.





For a school girl costume, all you need is a black top, a plaid skirt, knee socks, and loafers or any other close-toed shoe. To accessorize, I added a men’s tie, fake glasses, and a small black backpack. I completed the look with a high ponytail.

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