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Learn to Foxtrot Merit Event

By Paola Guzman & Ashley Bowden
Head Copyeditor & Assistant Copyeditor

Anthony Campo, sophomore history major, hosted a ballroom dance lesson in the Great Hall on April 13 for honors merit credit. In addition to teaching the basic steps of the Foxtrot, Campo also demonstrated his expertise in other styles of dance. Students who attended learned the basics of salsa dance as well.

Photo by Adela Ramos  Anthony Campo, sophomore history major.
Photo by Adela Ramos
Anthony Campo, sophomore history major.

The Pioneer: How long have you been learning and teaching ballroom dancing?
Campo: I’ve been teaching and learning for three years now. I started learning when I started teaching.

TP: How did you get into teaching instead of just learning?
Campo: I was 16 at the time and was going to go to 7-Eleven to get a job. And then my dad said, “No you’re not going to work at 7-Eleven, you’re going to teach dance” and I was like “Ok!” I didn’t really have a choice, I was forced into it.

TP: Why dancing?
Campo: When I was little, [family members] used to call me the Jello-man because I just used to move.

TP: Is your family dance or music- oriented?
Campo: No. I’m the first dancer in my household.

TP: Are there any connections you have made in the industry?
Campo: I’ve met United States champions. I’ve met Bob Howers, 10-time United States Champion in smooth dancing. I only briefly said hi, but I met him!

TP: That was during a competition?
Campo: Yeah, we have competitions every 3 to 4 months. As a teacher, I dance with students mostly. So I bring my students out and they get judged. It’s more about them than it is about me, but I have to make them look good. Usually we spend like 1-2 hours a week just practicing these routines over and over.

TP: Do you see yourself dancing professionally in the future?
Campo: Yes, I just got a dance partner. We’ve been dancing professionally three months now.

TP: Are you with a specific group or company currently?
Campo: I’m with Arthur Murray. It’s a franchise with 150 locations around the world, the farthest one being Australia.

Campo’s goal is to be a world champion in dance. He expressed his desire to continue teaching dance on campus and believes that he is reviving a “dying art” in the millennial era. Students who take advantage of these future opportunities will get the chance to expand their minds and experience something fun, new and exciting.

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